Marie Gallant, RN BSN brings a lifetime of nursing dreams, excellent credentials and experience to the position of Addabbo’s Associate Director of Nursing.

She received her LPN certificate from VEEB Nursing School and her Associates Degree in Nursing at Nassau Community College. One year later, she obtained her bachelor’s degree online at Chamberlain University and is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Aspen University.

Ms. Gallant grew up in Haiti and was exposed to Community Nursing at an early age by her aunt who was a nurse. Her dream was to follow in her aunt’s footsteps but put that dream on hold to have children of her own. She took a job in the banking industry to work a 9 – 3 schedule which afforded her the opportunity to be a hands-on mom. After the market crash in 2010 and after being downsized at her banking job, she immediately returned to school, became a Certified Nursing Assistant and continued on her nursing path. October 2021 will make Nurse Gallant’s 9th year at JPA and she brings those 9 years of experience to her new position.

She found her way to JPA through a friendship with her Nursing School studying partner who encouraged her to apply for an LPN nursing position at JPA. “I will always be grateful to Seronica Bradley and JPA for opening up this wonderful opportunity to do what I love,” says Ms. Gallant.

She loves being able to serve her community and acknowledges that many of her patients need help in
their daily struggles with chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The pandemic has only heightened these challenges. “Just listening to our patients helps them in so many ways to overcome the many challenges they face every day,” says Nurse Gallant. “It is an honor to help our current Administration solve some of the challenges faced by JPA during these difficult pandemic times. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Ms. Gallant was one of the first nurses at JPA to be stricken by COVID-19 and it took six weeks for
her to recuperate and get back to work. Her dedication to her nursing colleagues and to JPA kept her doing through the very challenging times brought on by the pandemic. “To hear our patients express their gratitude for remaining open for them to provide healthcare was priceless to me,” she explained. “I’ll never forget that.”

She is extremely gratified that she is now representing an outstanding group of nurses who,
under some of most challenging times they have ever faced, continue to do their
jobs with expertise and pride.

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