Talking to Your Doctor


Excellent healthcare is about clear, open and honest communication with your family’s team of providers. It is very important to get the most out of your time with your doctor and make the most of your appointments. Here are some ways to help you communicate with your healthcare team:

  • Come to your appointment prepared with a written list of questions or concerns you want to ask the doctor.
  • Be open and honest about any and all symptoms.
  • If you do not understand what the doctor tells you, ask your doctor to explain it again so you can understand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Ask questions about the diagnoses: Is it contagious? When can you expect to feel better?
  • Ask questions about any medications prescribed: What they are for and are there any side effects you should look for?
  • Is a follow-up appointment necessary?
  • Make sure to share information with the doctor, including all medications, vitamins or herbal medications you take. Better yet, bring the actual bottles of pills or a clearly written list, including dosages.
  • Openly discuss any problems you or family members are experiencing, i.g. anxiety, attention span, depression, etc.

Be sure to sign up for the Patient Portal so you have access to your medical records, etc. from wherever you are.

Ask your provider/doctor what you and your family can do to take better care of yourselves overall; for example, lose/gain weight, more exercise, better nutrition habits, etc.

Remember: The more information your provider has about you and your family’s health and the more you participate in your care, the better the healthcare decisions you can make together.

We welcome patients from Brooklyn, Jamaica, Queens, Far Rockaway, Arverne, Red Hook, Rockaway, Inwood, Long Island and close-by locations. Please call 718.945.7150 or use our online form to request an appointment.

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