A Sincere Thanks

The Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center wishes to thank those who have so generously given donations to us during this COVID-19 pandemic.  The donations have consisted of PPE including masks, gloves, hazmat suits, hand sanitizers and more.  Each and even item donated has been utilized by our staff.  Meals and beverages have also been received thanks to local restaurants and merchants. The meals and beverages – plus the few moments taken to relax and enjoy them – have been a much-appreciated luxury during these busy days of the pandemic. 

Because the Addabbo Family Health Center is not a front-line hospital, it is not considered a priority entity to receive PPE from government sources, so it must rely on purchasing items or donations.  So, it is with great gratitude and appreciation that your donations have been received.

Now that Addabbo is doing the JPA COVID-19 Tent Testing Center, the following items are still very much in need: 

  • Full Head and neck Cap 
  • Full Hazmat Jumpsuit (Coveralls with hood)
  • Booties (vinyl low and high cut)
  • Clip on hand sanitizer
  • Full Face Shield (13”x 9”)
  • N-95 Mask
  • Disposable scrub suits (sizes XL up) 
  • Ear Loop Procedure Face Masks
  • Surgical Face Masks
  • N-95 Face Masks
  • Face Shields (13’X9″) or Goggles
  • Bouffant caps (21″)
  • Nitrile Gloves (Variety of Sizes)
  • Non-Sterile Procedure Gowns
  • Isolation Gowns (Latex-Free, Fluid Resistant, Non-Woven with Knit Cuffs – Variety of Sizes)
  • Hazmat Coverall Suits (Variety of Sizes)
  • Fabric Head/Neck Covering
  • Shoe Covers (Low and High Cut)
  • Disposable Scrub Sets (Variety of Sizes)

Thank you again.

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