Donations Requested

  • Ear Loop Procedure Face Masks
  • Surgical Face Masks
  • Eye Shield Face Masks
  • N-95 Face Masks
  • Googles
  • Face Shields (13’X9″)
  • Bouffant (21″)
  • Shower Caps
  • Nitrile Gloves (Variety of Sizes)
  • Non-Sterile Procedure Gowns
  • Isolation Gowns (Latex-Free, Fluid Resistant, Non-Woven with Knit Cuffs – Variety of Sizes)
  • Hazmat Coverall Suits (Variety of Sizes)
  • Fabric Face Hoods
  • Shoe Covers (Low and High Cut)
  • Disposable Scrub Sets (Variety of Sizes)
  • Disposable Stethoscopes
  • Disposable Thermometer Probe Covers
  • Disposable Aneroid BP Machine
  • Disposable Thermometers
  • Disposable Emesis Bags
  • Disposable Blankets
  • Disposable Bed Pans
  • Disposable Urinals
  • Germicidal Wipes
  • Lysol Spray
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Spill Kits
  • Gallon Zip Lock Bags
  • Large Red Biohazard Bags
  • Red Duck Tap
  • Small Chucks
  • Baby Monitors (For Isolation Rooms)
  • Portable Oxygen Saturation Monitors
  • Laptops (For Provider Telehealth Services)
  • iPhone Cell Phones (For Provider Telehealth Services)
  • Android Cell Phones (For Provider Telehealth Services)
  • Cases of Drinking Water for those who come in to get tested
  • Cases of Juice (Variety of Flavors)
  • Meals for Staff

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JPA September Newsletter

JPA September Newsletter

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It’s All About Prevention

It’s All About Prevention

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Now You Can Make Your Own Appointments!

Now You Can Make Your Own Appointments!

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